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Headphones WiFi 1080p Hidden Camera and DVR (PV-EP10W)
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My video is not loading, it shows that the camera is online but the feed is buffering. 

Depending on your internet speed it may take the device up to 30 seconds to load your live video feed.


The P2P or IP is configured, but I don’t see any device gets online in Device Management?

Please try to refresh the page by swiping it down. 


After setting the device to record a video no files were saved to my SD Card. 

Make sure the SD card is inserted properly. If the indicator light flashes between red and blue and then powers off, the SD card is not inserted correctly or the SD card may need to be formatted. Please see the instructions on how to format SD here


Device Manual and Guide for PV Cam Viewer App attached below.

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PV_Cam_Viewer.pdf PV-EP10W__Guide.pdf
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