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1080P PTZ WiFi Network IP Camera Manual and FAQs (Speed4S)
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Q: The device cannot be previewed properly?
A: Check whether the network is normal, you can place the camera close to the router, and if not, it is recommended to reset the device and add it again. 

Q: Why is it still in the list of devices after resetting?
A: The reset device only resets the network configuration of the camera, but cannot change the configuration on the App, remove the camera, and it must be deleted by the App.

Q: How to cut the camera network to another router?
A: First remove and reset the device on the App and then configure the device again by the App.

Q: Why doesn't the device identify the SD card?
A: It is recommended to plug-in the SD card after a power cut. Confirm whether the SD card is available and the format is FAT32. And the TF card can’t be identified when the internet environment is not good.

Q: Why I can’t get the notifications with my cell phone App?
A: Please confirm that the App has been running on the phone, and the relevant reminder function has been opened; Message notification and authority confirmation in the mobile phone system has been opened. 

Please see below for full instructions in the attached copy of the Manual for this device.

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