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360 Degree HD IP Camera w/ WiFi Capabilities Quick Guide (007-WF1130)
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Already scanned the QR code but unable to download the app?
As per Wechat restrictions, you can use other QR code scanning tools or browsers to scan.

Didn't receive the verification code?
Please make sure you have filled in the correct mobile phone number/email address.

After plugging the camera, there's no sound and the red light did not flash?
Check the connection to the power supply. If all cables are properly connected, press the reset button for 3 seconds.

After the WiFi setup, there is no flashing green light to prompt that the camera is connected to the internet.
Make sure the correct WiFi password was entered.
Check if the WiFi signal is 5G. The camera will only support 2.4G signal.
The WiFi password must not contain any special characters.
Be sure to place the camera in an area with a WiFi signal.

When adding the camera there is a prompt that the camera is added to another account.
For security purposes, the camera can only be added to one account. 

Attached below is the Quick Guide for this device. For Technical Support, please call 800-654-7966.

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