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Placing a GPS Tracker
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Placing a magnetic GPS Tracker




Do's and Don'ts of Placement

✅ Make sure your tracker is positioned correctly to get a clear signal. 

  • If placing the tracker inside your vehicle, make sure the face of the device is facing upwards towards the sky. For best signal it should be placed near a window (front or back dash of the vehicle)
  • If placing the tracker underneath your car, make sure the face of the device is facing downwards towards the ground. This will allow the device to pick up a satellite signal reflected off of the ground.

✅ If placing the tracker underneath your car, place the device as near to the edge of the vehicle as you can.

  • If it is too far beneath the car, it may have difficulty getting a clear signal.

✅ Test drive with the tracker after placing it to make sure it is receiving a good signal. Best placement will vary by vehicle.

❌ Don't put the tracker in a location where it will be surrounded by metal. This will interfere with the device receiving a signal.

  • In general we advise against placing the tracker inside the trunk or glove compartment of the vehicle. Underneath the car seat may also cause interference on some car models.

❌ Don't put the tracker on top of other electronic devices. A few inches should be left between devices to avoid any interference.


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