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How to link your GPS account to Alexa
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Getting Started: First, you will need to have an Alexa Compatible Device in order to access and link the Locate GPS platform.


Step 1. Open your Alexa Application and select More 





Step 2. Select Skills & Games





Step 3. In the search Icon type GPS Locate then select the GPS Locate application 




Step 4. You will then see Account linking available. From here you will select Settings





Step 5. Then select Link Account, from here you will enter your credentials for the GPS Locate mobile application and sign in. 





You are now Connected to Alexa GPS Locate!




Utilizing the Alexa Skills 


To use the skill:

  • Say, “Alexa, open Locate GPS.”

  • Use any one of the following commands to get the information you need.



  • Ask Alexa these simple commands: 

  • Hey Alexa open GPS Locate 

  • Alexa Find my (GPS, Car, tracker… )

  • Alexa Locate my (GPS, Car, tracker… )

  • Alexa Where is my (GPS, Car, tracker… )

  • Alexa What was my last trip

  • Alexa Do I need to charge my   (GPS, Car, tracker… )

  • Alexa What is my Battery Level

  • Alexa what is the Status of my  (GPS, Car, tracker… )



Q: Are you unable to link your account?

A: You should be using your username and password that is used for the Locate GPS platform access. Email: Registered and Password 


Q: Is Alexa not responding to your command?

A: Check to make sure your account is Linked in the Alexa App. Once connected you will get a message saying Your Locate GPS by BrickHouse Security has been successfully linked.




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