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BrickHouse Lone Worker
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Getting to Know Your BrickHouse Lone Worker


To help get you started with your device, please follow the steps below.


  1. Charging your new BrickHouse Lone Worker: You will need to charge the device for 5 hours before its first use. Connect the charging cradle to an electric outlet and place the BrickHouse Lone Worker device into the cradle.
  2. Placement: With the included lanyard you can wear your BrickHouse Lone Worker around your neck or simply slip it into your pocket.
  3. When the BrickHouse Lone Worker device has completed charging for the first time, gently press the SOS button for 2 seconds to test and familiarize yourself with how the 2-way communication works.
  4. Your BrickHouse Lone Worker will dial out to a Dedicated number or our monitoring center. Let the contact or specialist know you are setting up and testing your device


Accessing BrickHouse Lone Worker


Please refer to the email sent from BrickHouse Security which contains your username and password to login at

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