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Wi-Fi Backup Camera System Manual (RVS-020813)
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Pro Tip #1: You don't need a pre-existing WiFi or internet connection for this to work. The transmitter creates a WiFi network that will work anywhere.
Pro Tip #2: The recommended mounting position for the transmitter is in the brake light housing at the back of the vehicle. (Camera is installed upside down).


Installation Tips: Uninstall the app from your phone, forget the GoVue network from your WiFi Networks, and disconnect the transmitter from power. Reinstall the app and reconnect power. The default password is "12345678". 


Works on iPhone, iPad and Android devices.




Note: This system is not compatible with Google or Motorola phones.

Note: This system will not work under certain conditions & we're not responsible for any software updates required by smartphone manufacturers



Attached below is a copy of the Manual for this device. For technical support, please contact the manufacturer's dedicated support team at (800) 764-1028 or send an email to [email protected].

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