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2.4" Dual Lens Full HD Dash Camera with GPS Manual (RVS-875-DL)
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Please check whether there is enough space for of TF card, or if it is locked.
Due to the huge amount of HD video data, please use a high-speed C10 TF card with SDHC compatible.
Uncompleted files because of the TF card storage error, please format your TF card.
The lens could be dirty. Clean lens.
Adjust the "EV" in the menu setting.
Please check the “white balance” is Auto or not on the menu.
This is due to the wrong setting of light frequency error, please set the frequency 60HZ or 50HZ according to the local power supply.




Dashcam do not power on after car engine start

Please check whether the power connection is normal.


The recording is now working

Please check whether the TF card inserted correctly/format the TF card once. If the TF card is damaged, please insert a new card.


Dash camera crashes

Reset dash camera.


Blurry Video

Check whether the lens is clean, whip the lens and front windshield.


Buttons nonresponsive

Check connection and power.

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