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BlackVue 16GB 2 Channel Dash Camera Manual (DR490L-2CH)
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Tips for optimal performance


A. Format the microSD card once a month, or when the BlackVue dashcam tells you the card needs maintenance.


Formatting the card in the BlackVue:

Tap the screen to turn the LCD on. Tap again to access the Quick Menu.

Select Settings > Other > Format (microSD card) > Yes to format the microSD card.


Format using BlackVue Viewer (Windows):

Insert the microSD card into the microSD card adapter and connect it to your computer. Go to \BlackVue\Application\ and locate and run the setup file for BlackVue Viewer to install it on your computer. Launch BlackVue Viewer, click the Format button, select the hard drive and click OK.


B. Only use official BlackVue microSD cards. Other cards may have compatibility issues.


C. Regularly upgrade the firmware for performance improvements and updated features. Firmware updates will be made available for download at > Support > Downloads.



Attached below is a copy of the Manual for this device. For customer support, manuals, software, and firmware updates please visit You can also email a Customer Support expert at [email protected]

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