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Wireless Backup Camera System With Mirror Monitor Manual (RVS-091407)
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Installation Guide


  1. Locate the reverse taillights wiring behind your reverse light. You may need to remove the interior panel in order to locate it. You only need to attach the signal booster power wire to ONE of the reverse lights, not both. If you cannot manually locate the tail light cables, please contact the vehicle manufacturer or reference a wiring diagram for your vehicle.
  2. At your taillight, remove the light bulb socket from the reverse light housing.
  3. Determine the reverse light power wires for your car, designating the positive and negative wires.
  4. Connecting the Power Cables: Red wire to reverse light’s Positive wire. Connect the camera’s Black Wire to reverse light’s Negative wire. (see Diagram C). Place the fixed adapter from the Wireless Digital Transmitter Power Cable into the Wireless Digital Transmitter. Determine the best place to mount the Transmitter. The Transmitter is not waterproof and needs to be protected.
  5. Determine the best route for the Camera Cable from the top of your license plate to the Transmitter. You may need to drill a small hole in the panel behind where the license plate is situated.
  6. Plug the attached wire from the Camera into the Wireless Transmitter. Ensure that the wires are not tangled.
  7. While sitting in the driver’s seat of the car with the key in the ignition position. The monitor will automatically start when the vehicle is put in reverse. If when you place the vehicle in reverse there is no image, you may need to pair the camera with the monitor
  8. Put the vehicle in reverse. If you have a clear picture, put the vehicle back in park and turn the key to the off position. You are now ready for the final steps.
  9. Take the Wireless Transmitter and using the double-sided 3M Sticker to attach the box to the inside of your car.
  10. Replace the light socket back into the reverse light housing.
  11. Replace any interior panels that may have been removed to access the taillight and close your trunk or rear hatch.



Attached below is a copy of the Manual for this device. For technical support, please contact the manufacturer's dedicated support team at (800) 764-1028 or send an email to [email protected]

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