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Backup Camera System (7" Monitor) Manual (RVS-770613-HD)
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Monitor Displays Blue Screen & Displays No Signal

  • Do a hard reset, unplug all cables and power cables leave out for 1 minute and then re-connect them.
  • Check to ensure that the connection to the camera is tight.
  • Verify camera cable is plugged into port labeled Backup Camera
  • Verify that the blue positive trigger on power harness is put to power 12v+. If the problem still persists, verify that alternate ports work. If alternate ports do not work, remove Blue Trigger wire from 12V+ and select alternate channels.

Monitor Will Not Power-Up (no backlight on power button)

  • Check fuse
  • Check 12v+ to monitor
  • Check ground connection

No Image On Screen

  • Verify the camera is on correct camera-input
  • Verify cable is connected to monitor
  • Verify the camera is connected to cable
  • Connect known working camera and cable to monitor.
  • Verify Blue trigger is receiving power

Audio on Camera

  • Verify chosen camera has audio
  • Verify volume setting
  • Confirm that the Blue audio trigger is connected to 12v+



Attached below is a copy of the Manual for this device. For technical support, please contact the manufacturer's dedicated support team at (800) 764-1028 or send an email to [email protected].

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