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B-Link Secure Cellular Outdoor Camera Manual (B-L3G)
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Get to Know Your B-Link Secure Cellular Outdoor Camera

The B-Link Camera will already have the SIM Card inserted and programmed. We recommend you use NiMH batteries for better performance on battery life. Insert the SD memory card with gold contacts facing downward. Next, you will insert the batteries and close the cover.

Note: Please use high-quality AA batteries in order to protect battery cells from corrosion caused by leaked acid. If using DC power, REMOVE batteries before doing so. We recommend you use the included cable with a (12V/2A) adapter.

Switch the power button to the on position and the camera will automatically enter PIR mode if the keypad is not active within 60 seconds. In order to do further configuration, switch the device to the ON position manually.


B-Link Secure Cellular Outdoor Camera Troubleshooting Guide

  • Images are not being received.

Step 1 - Please check if the antenna is installed on the device.
Step 2 - Power on the device and it will begin to search for a signal. Once it has established a connection, you should see 4 to 5 bars on the LCD screen.
Step 3 - Trail Cam Mobile App - Please name the camera and enter the SIM cards Phone number to the “trailcam” application. Make sure the SIM Phone number matches the number in Settings.​ You will need to enable the Camera Switch in general settings for the camera to actually capture images.​

In settings, you will need to enable and add your email address under SMTP.

example: [email protected]

Step 4 - Go to the General Settings - please refer to the manual to view settings.
Step 5 - Make sure to click “Send” to save settings.

  • Configuring the settings from the Device.

Step 1 - Switch the Power to an On position and press the OK button. This will bring you into Test Mode.

Step 2 - In Test Mode, please press the M button which is Menu. The navigation key to access menu functions is the arrows Left, Right, Up and Down.

  • Not receiving any Images to assigned Emails.

Check the APN settings. In the Menu Screen using the arrows, go to 3G press OK.​​ Select Manual Setup and press OK.​ MMS and 3G will appear, select 3G.​ Select APN and press OK.​ In the APN field, the APN should be listed as (10569.mcs​) ​

​​Note: If this APN is not in this field, the camera will not send out any images.

After inputting this information exit setting by selecting Up Arrow and OK.​​​


Entering Email Address to receive Images

  • In the Menu Screen using the arrows, go to 3G press OK.​
  • Using Arrows select SMTP and press OK.
  • Select Default and press OK.
  • Click the “M” button to go menu.​
  • Using arrow keep scrolling down to “SendTo”.​
  • In this Field select Email - You can add up to two Email addresses.​
  • After entering the information, select the Up arrow key in the menu to exit the setting.

Please make sure that the following on settings are enabled:

Cam Settings field

Cam ID - should be On

Cam Mode - Pic + Video should be on - Video records to SD card Images are sent to the email address entered

Night Mode - Recommend Balanced - For a longer range of Night Vision, please select Max. Range

Multi-Shot - You can select from 1 to 5 images being captured when motion is detected

Video Size - HD


PIR Settings field

Sensitivity - Recommend to set to Medium if on a High Traffic area

Delay - should be Off

Time Lapse - enable On

Timer - Recommend Off

Other Settings field

Language - defaulted to English

Date/Time - Will register with Network

Stamp - Recommend On

SD Cycle - Overwrite feature On or Off


Password - If enabled this will automatically be prompted when trying to access the camera.


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