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BrickHouse TrackView App
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TrackView is an easy to use mobile app that connects you to the BrickHouse Security GPS Platform ( and enables its subscribers to view locations collected by their GPS tracking device. All device configuration, alerts, and geofences are configured within the online portal.
**Currently available for iOS and Android**
Screens and Features

  • Log In
  • Forgot Password
  • Settings
  • Breadcrumbs - displays location trails on a map
  • Locate Now - asks the device to wake up send its location
  • Refresh - confirms last known location
  • Streetview
  • Detail Summary
  • View Geofences
  • About Us

Coming Soon
Alerts - create and receive alerts within Track View
Draw Geofences - create new geofences within Track View
Rapid tracking mode - enables the user to shorten tracking interval for a limited period of time




Screens and Features - Log In, Forgot Password, Settings, Breadcrumbs that displays location trails on a map, Locate Now asks the device to wake up send its location, Refresh which confirms last known location, Streetview opens image from Google Maps, Detail Summary provides Lat/Lon and device-specific information, View Geofences, and About Us
BrickHouse Track View is optimized for Apple iPhone 5, 6, 6+ and above and iPad, versions 7x and above. For Android, the lowest it can use is version 4.1.1.
Yes, you must have a current and active EZoom GPS tracker (other models not available at this time) and BrickHouse Security subscription service associated with for BrickHouse TrackView to work./div>
No, we do not have a version for BlackBerry or Window’s mobile. If you have these devices, you can still access your account via the mobile web browser.
Yes, BrickHouse TrackView is a view-only app and presents the last tracked location and breadcrumb trails.
Once a device is selected, BrickHouse TrackView presents the last tracked location on the map. A subscriber can tap the refresh or the locate now buttons to request a more recent tracked location.
Be sure that you selected a device to report. Also, confirm that your GPS Account is active and the device is charged or was reporting to the web version of the platform. If a location was stored in the GPS Platform, it will be this “last” location that will display in Track View. You may also want to confirm that you have wireless data or WiFi turned on to enable the transfer of location data to the app.
If you have multiple devices within one account, your devices will appear in a list on the Select A Device screen. To provide a good user experience on small mobile screens, you can select any and all devices from the list and then toggle from one device to the next to view their locations on a map.
No, since BrickHouse Track View is a viewing app and presents the most recent activity, and not live tracking it does not drain the battery unless the user continually requests updates. However, as with all location-based apps, we recommend the user logs out of the app and confirms that it is not operating in the background as this can cause the battery to drain.
BrickHouse Track View App - How to Login
1. Open the Track View app on your phone. You will see the login page if you are not currently still logged in from a previous session on the app.
2. Enter your username.  Your username was emailed to you when your device was first activated. In most cases, the username will be the same as your email address.
3. Enter your password. This will be the default password that was emailed to you unless you have already logged in previously and changed it. Please keep in mind when typing your password that this field is case sensitive. 
4. Press the Login button. 


Forgot Password: If you are unable to remember your password select "Forgot your password?" at the bottom of the screen. Once selected a pop up will appear. Enter your username and the email address you have on file for your BrickHouse Security account. 
Press OK, once filled out. Check your email for password instructions.


The TrackView Android Application App Screens and Descriptions are attached below.
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TrackviewAndroidApplication.pdf BrickHouse_Track_View_1.pdf
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