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HD Hardcover Book Hidden Camera Manual and FAQ's (BKC-1080DVR)
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Your device is on low battery; charge it with the included cable.
If this is occurring, try copying the video files to your PC. This problem usually happens when the file is too large to be played back using your USB connection.
Make sure the SD card is inserted properly. If the indicator light flashes between red and blue and then powers off, the SD card is not inserted correctly or the SD card may need to be formatted. Click here to learn how to format your SD card.
Make sure you are using the included micro USB cable. The cable you’re using may not be compatible to pull drivers to load onto your PC. Also, make sure the Multi-Function button is switched to REC After you connect your device to your PC.
Connect the HD Hardcover Book Hidden Camera to your PC and open the YW_ File. After making the changes simply save the file and safely eject the device from the PC. Please Note: For the files to overwrite from oldest to newest you will have to enter “yes” under the overwrite field in the YW_File.



Please see below for full instructions in the attached copy of the Manual for this device.

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