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Coat Hook Hidden Camera Manual and FAQ's (COAT-HOOK)
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A video codec is a method of encoding and decoding video so it can be read from and stored on a computer. Many different codecs exist with varying levels of quality and space usage. Windows Media Player is the default player in most Windows pc but it doesn’t have the right codec to play the types of files that the coat hook creates.
Hidden surveillance cameras aren’t allowed to have audio recordings due to wiretapping laws in the US.  You can use an audio recording device separately but it cannot contain video at the same time. To learn more, click here
To set the Clothes Hook Video Recorder to record video when motion is detected, set the device to Standby mode. From Standby, press the Video button twice, and the LED will blink 3 times and go out to indicate it is set to record. Each time the device detects motion, it will record a 5-minute video. To exit motion detection recording, press the Video button. The current video file will be saved and the LED will glow green to indicate the device has returned to Standby mode. When saving a file, wait 5 seconds once the device returns to Standby mode before giving it any further commands.
This camera has no memory of its own so it requires a micro SD card in order for anything to be recorded or to even show up.
Insert a micro SD card into the hook. Plug the coat hook into your computer’s USB port and open the drive for the device (Click "Start" and then "Computer" or "My Computer". You want to be in the ROOT DIRECTORY of the device, which is the area with the DCIM folder in it. In a blank space of that window, right-click once and choose “New” and then “Text Document”. Name the new document time in all lower case letters. Open the new time text document you just created and enter the date and time in the following format (year-month-day hour:minute:second) **ex (2011-01-31 12:00:00). (Please be aware that the time/date stamp reads in 24:00:00 hour format, so 3 pm will read as 15:00:00 and 3 am will be 3:00:00). Click the file and then save and then close the text document. Close the window you have open showing the DCIM and time files. Safely remove the hardware from the computer by clicking the “Safely Remove Hardware” option in your system tray (the area with your clock in the lower right corner of your screen) and follow the prompts. Unplug the cord from the hook, turn it on and wait for it to be in standby mode and then turn it off. When you turn it back on, it will be ready to record with your new time/date stamp.
Please see below for full instructions in the attached copy of the Manual for this device.
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