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Miniature Dice Hidden Camera Manual Instructions (BHS-DICE)
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Place of Using the Device: Please strictly abide by relevant national laws and regulations, it is not allowed to use this product for illegal purposes, otherwise, any consequence shall be undertaken by yourself.

Product Properties

1. It is designed without a hole and is configured with convenient mini pedant and portable DV.
2. Format of motion detection /video recording video: AVI,1920*1080P@30fps.
3. With a built‐in 230mAh lithium battery, it can work for 60 minutes and be fully charged within 2 hours.
4. It supports max 32GB Micro SD card.

The product is installed with built‐in lithium battery, please charge it for 2 hours through the following modes before using for the first time: 
1. Connecting it with the computer via USB data cable.
2. Connecting it with external USB 5V charger/power bank.

1. This product doesn’t support the function of recording video when charging.
2. When detecting a low battery, the product will automatically save the recorded video, and then turn off after the blue indicator has flashed 10 times.
3. When charging, the red and blue indicators turn on, after charging, the red indicator turns off.

The product uses a high‐end intelligent video processing chip with the one‐key operation and full high definition video recording, the resolution is 1920*1080 AVI format, it supports 64G memory card. It can smartly detect the memory card state and no operation state.  After boosting, the device will automatically turn off within 60 seconds after the blue indicator has flashed 10 times when it has detected no memory card or is not operated.

Note: The default state of the product is circular covering the recorded video when the capacity of the memory card is less than 400MB, the system will automatically cover the previous video, the file can’t be recovered after it is covered, please use this function with caution.

Structure of the Product


Use and Operation

1. 1080P Video Recording
Hold the ON/OFF button for 3 seconds to boot the product, the blue indicator keeps ON, and the system enters into a standby state. Click the ON/OFF button once, the blue indicator flashes 3 seconds and then turns off, the device enters into the video recording state (one video for 5 minutes), press the ON/OFF button again to stop recording and save the video, the blue indicator keeps ON, and the device returns to standby state.

2. Motion Detection
When the blue indicator keeps ON and the system is under standby state,  press the ON/OFF for 3 times, the blue indicator flashes for 5 seconds and then turns off, the system enables the motion detection mode. When detecting the moving object, the blue indicator flashes quickly for 3 times and then turns off. The system enters into the video recording state (one video for 5 minutes), after recording, it automatically saves the video and then enters into the motion detection standby. If there isn’t a moving object, the system will keep at standby state until it turns off due to low battery.

3. Enabling infrared ray function
Under any state, press the ON/OFF  for 2 times, the infrared ray function is enabled, then press it 2 times to disable the infrared ray function.

Note: Under standby state /motion detection state, hold the ON/OFF button for 5 seconds, the blue indicator flashes for 10 times, the system will automatically save the video and then turn off. When the system is halted, it is invalid to press the button, and the device can’t work normally. Please insert a sharp object in the Reset hole to reset the device, and it will reboot the device.

Modify the System Time
Create a text document (txt) with the name of “userconfig” in the root directory of the Micro SD  card, then compile the required time, the format of the text content is (Year‐Month‐Date‐Hour: Minute:  Second), for example, 2017‐08‐04‐10:03:00. Insert the SD card in the device, boot the device, then the system will automatically upgrade the time, and then automatically turn off. After that, the text document will disappear automatically.

1. Indicator state when upgrading the system time: insert the Micro SD  card and then boot the device, under upgrading mode, the blue indicator keeps flashing and then the device will automatically turn off.
2. If the battery is used up, the system time shall be set when enabling the device again.
3. Take out the memory card and connect it with the computer via card reader to set the text document, or connect the device with the computer via data cable to set the text document.

Connecting with the computer
Under the ON/OFF state, the data can be read after connecting the device with a computer.

Relevant Parameters

Video Format AVI
Video Coding M‐JPEG 
Resolution of Video 1920*1080P
Video Frames 30fps
Play Software Storm Player is recommended
Support System Windows; XP; Mac os; Linux
Battery Capacity High capacity polymer lithium battery, 230mAh
Working Duration About 60min, fully charged within 2 hours
Charging Voltage DC=5V
Type of Interface Mini 8Pin USB 
Memory Card External Micro SD card


1. The device doesn’t boot or turns off after booting: low battery possibly, please charge the device for 2 hours and then boot it again.
2. The device doesn’t record video after booting: please check if there’s a Micro SD card, or format the card in the computer, and then insert it into the device.
3. Video is not playing smoothly or shows blank screen after connecting with a computer: check the configuration of the computer, check if it is the problem of the media player, it is suggested to use Storm player, or take out the SD card, read the data using a card reader.
4. The device doesn’t respond when charging: replace the USB data cable or charger, or directly connect it with a computer.



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