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Sat Track Micro GPS World Tracker Manual and FAQs
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The battery compartment is completely water sealed unless the customer does not tighten the screw water can't get in.
The batteries MUST be lithium if you are getting a different brand. If you get generic branded AAA batteries or even Duracell which is not lithium the device will NOT work correctly. Energizer Ultimate is highly recommended by the manufacturer.
Yes, the battery lifespan does take battery aging into account. Lithium batteries have a much higher shelf life than normal batteries, even in variable weather which is why it's highly recommended to only use lithium batteries only. When changing the batteries, all four batteries must be changed out at once.
The device is pure sat simplex unit. This device will have no way of knowing if the ping hit the server or not as two-way communication is not supported. If it misses a ping you will not get it again later. It will attempt to send another locate at it's next designated time.
Designated times are on a program basis during programming and depend on the number of pings the device is set to receive. At the normal 3 pings a day it will be 7 am, 1 pm, 11 pm. The interval times will change the more or fewer pings you set the device up with. Customers will have the option to select what time of day they want it to ping as well.
Especially in situations where the vehicle may be moving at a slower pace. Even in a daily situation, this would be a relatively useful feature in the case of cross-country trips. Yes, you will have the option to do faster pings or more pings but the cost of the satellite is too high for this to be practical. This is for people strictly tracking huge assets that cannot be moved easily and it's for monitoring their locations not if they are stolen. An example use case is, a construction company has several pieces of equipment out in the middle of nowhere, and they need to know what asset is where to move them around or get a replacement to the nearest location.
There are no indicator lights, the only indicator will be your hardware messages. Most pure sat trackers do not have indicator lights.
You can find the sticker on the bottom of the device.



To download the Track View app for iPhone or Android, please click here

Please see the attachment below for the manual. 

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