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Recon Sentinel Cyber Security User's Guide and FAQs
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Yes, once the scan is complete and devices recognized. Recon Sentinel sits on your network like a trusted soldier, constantly looking for signs of cybercriminal reconnaissance, intrusion or other nefarious activity. Once detected, Recon Sentinel will take actions to disrupt the communications of the attacking device, breaking the ability of the cybercriminal to carry out their intentions and alerting you of their presence.
Yes, The Recon Sentinel was designed with usability at its heart. Cybersecurity can be difficult. The Recon Sentinel requires no complex setup, works will all existing devices (including IoT Devices), and provides instant feedback via the onboard display. Easy to use cloud management and mobile application give you up to the second information, on all your Recon Sentinels, anywhere you have an Internet connection, and drill down displays show all the details for the tech-minded buyer.
Once the scan is completed it will provide the following: Real-time Network Inventory - You can't defend what you don't know. Recon Sentinel provides a real-time inventory of all devices on your network. Active Cyber Defense Countermeasures - Detects and blocks Unauthorized Devices, Hacking Activity, and Attacks on your network. Deceptive traps Detect Hacking Activity - Cyber Deception Traps lure malware and hackers into interacting with the Recon Sentinel, immediately alerting you of their presence. Network Reconnaissance Scanning Detection - Detects the scans used by malware and hackers performing network reconnaissance looking for vulnerable devices. Instant Alerts - If a nefarious activity is detected, the Recon Sentinel will send an email alert to you, notifying you of what is happening and what you can do to fix the issue. Works with all your devices - No matter what router, firewall, wireless access point and anti-virus you have, the Recon Sentinel works with all of them, adding a virtual layer of detection and protection to your network.
No, you should still maintain software to protect you from malware or viruses and for good reason. Cybersecurity is best done in layers, like an onion. The more layers of defense you have, the harder it is for an attacker to make you a target. The Recon Sentinel adds missing pieces to antivirus and firewall products, giving you another "layering the onion".
Actually you can use the ability to block a device by accessing the app, select the device on the network and click the block. This will disable internet access to that device until you turn it back on. Turn it back on by clicking Unblock when access is allowed.




Quick Start Guide


Step 1: Connecting a Recon Sentinel 

Insert the Ethernet Cable into the back of your router/modem and the Recon Sentinel. Plug the power adapter into an outlet and the Recon Sentinel.

The Recon Sentinel will now power on and will display its Device ID once it is running. 

Step 2: Creating an Account

To Create an Account, go to, or download the Recon Sentinel App from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. From within the App or Website, select the "Register User" button.

After completing the registration form, the "Register" button should be selected to submit and finalize your new account.

Step 3: Registering a Recon Sentinel

Registering a Recon Sentinel to your account can be done by selecting the "Add New Recon Sentinel" button from the Console panel along with the Device ID displayed on the Recon Sentinel LCD Screen. 

The "Add New Recon Sentinel" button will step through the process of registering a new Recon Sentinel device to your account. Make sure you select the Vendor where you purchased your Recon Sentinel when entering the New Device Information during the Add New Device process.

Your Recon Sentinel will take inventory of all devices connected to your network. Once the inventory is done, you can authorize and add labels to your devices. 

Step 4: Relax!

Setup of the Recon Sentinel is complete, so sit back and relax while the device defends and protects your network!

Attached below are downloadable copies of the Manual and Quick Start Guide.

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