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Super Slim Pen Voice Recorder User's Guide (007-D1377)
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Preparation before use (Charging)

This product has built-in rechargeable battery. Please use this product after charging. Please connect charging cable into the charging jack of this product and the USB port of PC or AC adaptor(option) and then charging starts. (Caution) Please be sure to use AC adaptor which has acquired the local safety certification. The defective product by wrong AC adaptor shall be charged for after-sale service.


Charging status indication

  • Charging: Green LED is lit up during charging. When charging is completed, the green LED blinks.
  • Remaining battery check: When you insert remote controller in the state of stop, the following will be shown in 3seconds.

1) Low battery (less than 30%): LED is off.

2) Middle battery (30%~60%): Green LED blinks.

3) High battery (60%~100%): Green LED is lit up.



Please see below for a copy of the Manual for this device.

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