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Getting Started with BrickHouse Alert
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  1. Charge the BrickHouse Alert for 5 hours before it’s first use. Connect the charging cradle to an electric outlet and place the BrickHouse Alert device into the cradle.
  2. When the BrickHouse Alert has completed charging for the first time, press the SOS button for 2 seconds to test and familiarize yourself with how the 2-way communication works.
  3. Your BrickHouse Alert will dial our monitoring center and a specialist will answer and ask how they can help you. Let the specialist know you are setting up and testing your BrickHouse Alert. You will be asked to verify your name and address. Once your information has been verified, your BrickHouse Alert is ready to be used.


Getting to Know Your BrickHouse Alert

BrickHouse Alert Indicator Lights

Setup WanderAlert in 3 Easy Steps

WanderAlert is designed to alert you and other caregivers or family members as soon as your loved one wanders beyond the distance you have defined as a safe area. A geofence is a shape you draw in the map to define the area that you consider a safe zone. When WanderAlert is enabled alerts will be sent upon exiting the safe area.


Please have your BrickHouse Alert charged and set up prior to setting up WanderAlert.

  1. Login to WanderAlert at Please check your email for your username and password.
  2. Create a geofence around any location to receive alerts when the person leaves the area you have selected. See the instructions below.
  3. Take BrickHouse Alert for a walk or drive to test your geofence.

If you have any questions or would like additional help setting up WanderAlert, please call one of our friendly specialists at 877.632.5378. We are happy to help you get the WanderAlert setup.

Please see the attachment section below for the full guide on how to start using WanderAlert.

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