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Zone Shield Wi-Fi Camera Line: Manual and Software
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Step 1: Open the Zone Shield® or Xtreme Life™ camera to insert the memory card, connect the power supply, and power on the camera. (For the Xtreme Life™ models, charge the battery pack first ~10 hours for a full charge and connect the battery to power up the camera)
Step 2: Download the “EZ-SEE” App from Apple Store or Google Play to your smartphone or tablet.
Step 3: On your smartphone or tablet, go to your list of available networks and choose the EZ- SEE network (E.g. EZ-SEE_20001234 ) you will be prompted to put in a password the default Password (see user manual)
Step 4: Open the “EZ-SEE” APP and. Press the “Add” button in the top-left corner, then press the “SCAN” button in the middle of the next screen.
Step 5: Locate the QR code on your camera and point your smart device’s camera at the QR and the app will scan the code. After scanning, the EZ-SEE App will now directly connect (P-P) your smartphone or tablet to your camera.

Once connected, there will be a pop-up confirming to connect to the internet for remote live view. Select your local Wi-Fi network and type in your password. The camera will reboot and take 1-2 minutes to come back online. Once the camera reboots, it is now ready for live viewing

Please see below for full instructions in the attached copy of the Manual for this device and a link to download the EZ See PC software.

This manual applies to the following products:
Bluetooth Speaker Hidden Camera by Zone Shield (007-C1550WF)
Clock Radio Hidden Camera with WiFi (007-C1520WF)
DVD Player Hidden Camera by Zone Shield (007-C1555WF)
Oscillating Fan Night Vision Hidden Camera by Zone Shield (007-C1564WF)
Rectangular Clock Hidden Camera by Zone Shield (007-C1575WF)
WiFi Range Extender Hidden Camera by Zone Shield (007-C1525WF)
WiFi Mantle Clock (007-C1570WF)
Zone Shield WiFi Smoke Detector Hidden Camera (007-C1545WF, 007-C1540WF)

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