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Zone Shield DVR HD Camera Line: Manual
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Zone Shield DVR can be set up in 5 simple steps.

It helps to have your TV user's manual nearby since you may need to change video input on the TV used for the initial set-up.

1. Take the unit from the box and ensure you have received all included items.
2. Open the device to insert the memory card into the memory card slot and connect the power supply.
3. To confirm the device is ready, connect the provided video cable from the unit to your TV video input to see a live video feed and make a sample recording.
4. Your device is now ready to be placed in the area of desired surveillance.
5. The default recording setting is Motion Detection. Once the power is turned on and the device recognizes the memory card, the DVR will begin to record based on activity detected by the camera.

Please see below for full instructions in the attached copy of the Manual for this device.

This manual applies to the following products:
Full Color HD Mantel Clock Camera - Box Design (007-SC9360HD)
HD Oscillating Fan Hidden Camera with DVR (007-SC8200HD)
HD Wall Clock Camera & DVR (007-SC9209HD)
HD Mantel Clock DVR (007-SC9359HD)
Night Vision Clock Radio (007-SC8000HD)
PureAir HD Color Hidden Camera & DVR (007-SC9109HD)
Zone Shield Bluetooth Speaker Hidden Camera (007-SC9525HD)
Zone Shield HD DVD Player DVR (007-SC9409HD)
Zone Shield HD Night Vision Smoke Detector DVR (007-SC19HD, SC9709HD, SC9710HD)

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