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Xtreme Life Plus Camera Line: Manual
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Note about Battery life: When using the PIR motion setting, your battery can last more than a year in standby. You can use this item in continuous mode and the battery will last up to 28 hours and you can live view at any time. Live viewing uses battery life, the more you view the less battery life you have.

Please see below for full instructions in the attached copy of the DVR Manual and the Xtreme Life Plus App Quick Guide.

This manual applies to the following products:
Bucket Outdoor Hidden Camera by Xtreme Life (SC7059W)
Hidden Camera Backpack by Xtreme Life Plus (SC7058W)
Xtreme Life Plus Hidden Camera Cooler Bag (SC7055W)
Xtreme Life Plus Hidden Camera Electrical Box (SC7057W)
Xtreme Life Plus Hidden Camera Landscape Stone (SC7056W)


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