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SG Home Camera Line: Wi-Fi Reset Guide
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Step 1. If your system is currently online and you want to switch it to another local wi-fi network or move the system to another location with a different wi-fi network, simply go to Settings (Gear Icon) -> WiFi Reset and tap the Reset button to put the system back into AP mode.
Confirm the camera system is now broadcasting and skip to step 4 to continue. If your camera system is offline or not broadcasting, proceed to step 2.

Step 2. Locate the reset button on your camera.
If you open your camera to access the memory card slot (e.g. Smoke Detector, Wall Clock, Teddy Bear), the reset button will be located near the board. If you don’t open the camera to access the memory card slot (e.g. DVD Player, Bluetooth Speaker, Air Purifier), then the reset button will be sticking out of the bottom or back of the unit. Please refer to the pictures below for button locations.

Step 3. Start with the system powered off, then press and hold the reset button prior to powering the system back on, releasing after about 5 seconds after power is restored.
For SG Electric models, you must unplug the system from AC power. For SG Battery items, you may either turn the battery switch off/on or simply disconnect/reconnect the battery from the power jack. You may need to use a pin or small paperclip to press the reset button on some models.

Step 4. Open the SG Home App to set up the camera on wi-fi.
If the camera system is already in your list, then go to Settings(Gear Icon) -> WiFi Setup and follow the on-screen directions. If the camera system is not on your list already, then tap on the ‘+’ and follow the on-screen directions to add it.


Please see below for an attached PDF file with instructions and pictures of where to locate the reset button on the camera.

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