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SG Home Camera Line: Battery Instructions
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Power Bank Functionality


1. Turn on the switch to turn on/off power display.

2. LED indicator: Turn on the switch, LED will indicate a power reserve. After 3 seconds, LED will turn off. If LED doesn't glow, please recharge the device.


Recharge Devices


1. Turn on the switch to show the current power varied by the lights.

2. The power indicator will not turn on when the power bank is out of battery.

3. Please recharge the power bank using the included power adapter.


Recharge Power Bank


1. Indicator lights show the remaining power during the charging process.

2. When all lights are on, the power bank is completely charged.

3. A genuine power adapter or cable is preferred when the wall plug is used as a power source.

4. Charging time takes about 9-10 hours.



You will find the instructions for charging your battery for the SG Home line of cameras on the attachment below.

Please note, these instructions are for the battery-operated models of the SG Home cameras only. If you currently have an AC powered SG Home camera these instructions do not apply to your device type.

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