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Dual View Car Camera With GPS Logger Manual (363-CD114)
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The lens is inside of the directional pad on the device. If you accidentally touch it with your fingers, it may become smudged. To avoid a cloudy or blurry image, use a lens cloth (not included) to gently wipe the surface clean.
You can adjust the front-facing lens up and down depending on the required angle. Simply toggle it up or down and it should click into the desired position.
The camera lenses are slightly fish-eyed for a wider angle view of the outside and inside.
You can choose between front-facing view, interior view, or dual view modes by pressing the Right Key until you get the image you need.
There is no IR Illumination on this unit. At night it will require the headlights of the car to see what is happening on the road. There is no interior IR either, so the image at night may look dark or not be visible at all for that view.
Yes, you can change the default from Video/Audio to just video only if you need it. Go to the Set-Up Menu and choose Voice and then Off. it will then record video mode only.
Yes, simply press the OK button once to stop the recording. The device will automatically begin recording when initially powered on.
Each time you power on the camera, the logger will need to initiate a GPS Satellite lock. To accomplish this, you must power the camera on and give it about 3-5 minutes to get a GPS signal. This cannot be done inside a garage or enclosure, but out in a parking lot or driveway. Be sure to place the antenna inside of the windshield. The logger portion cannot be placed inside the cab of the vehicle, or it will not acquire a proper GPS connection.



Please see below for full instructions in the attached copy of the User Guide for this device.

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