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Spy Finder Pro Hidden Camera Detector Manual (007-SF-103P)
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Operating your SpyFinder® PRO
The SpyFinder® PRO is simple but effective for finding all hidden cameras. No longer are fears of privacy invasion from covert cameras an issue, as risks now can be dramatically reduced by following these few simple steps.

This "activates the PULSATING RED LEDs.
Pointing the light beam towards areas of the room where a hidden camera is suspected. Ex: (Smoke Detectors, Motion Sensors, Clock Radio, Electronics, Photo Frames, Pinholes on Walls)
Looking through the eyepiece of the device - you will look for BLINKING RED DOT (reflecting back to you
Slowly and methodically scan the room to look for hidden cameras. While viewing through the SpyFinder® PRO eyepiece the lens of a hidden camera will appear as a bright spot of blinking light when illuminated with the SpyFinder® PROs LEDs. For optimal performance, the SpyFinder® PRO is recommended for distances of +/- 1-10 meters ( +/- 3 to 45 ft).

Note that the SpyFinder® PRO is recommended for indoor usage. The unit can be used beyond 10 meters and in some outdoor situations, but performance will be degraded depending on the ambient lighting conditions.

The “Button Behind Eyepiece” is the PAUSE BUTTON (stops pulse) – This allows the user to MOVE VANTAGE POINT to avoid False Positives and quickly restart– see below: False Positive Reduction.

The SpyFinder® PRO has Exclusive LED Maxi Booster to help "locate hidden cameras" anywhere.

There are 3 Different levels of LED Power by Pressing Back LED Booster Button. Upon turning on the device of SpyFinder® PRO LED Booster is the brightest LED light Pulsating away from Viewer.

This is for Larger Area of Inspection, as light is brightest (for wide space) making reflections easier to see. The Back "PRO LED Booster Button" when Pressed has the following functionality:

* First pushing button: Medium Boost is best used in the space area size of 15 x 20 ft = (for small room space)

* 2nd pushing button: Mini Boost is best used in the space area size of Fitting/Dressing room 8 x 15 feet = (for smaller areas)

* 3rd pushing button: Maxi Boost is best used in the space area size of a living room and office space 20 x 45 feet = Maxi Boost returns the device to the original brightest light for wide spaces up to 45 Feet. With the above settings, the user can use the PRO LED Booster Button level to suit the size of room inspecting.

NOTE: Initial Maxi Boost setting is always best unless there are too many reflections. Then using the LED PRO Booster Button becomes helpful in smaller room settings, as described above.



Best Uses:
The most common use for owning a SpyFinder® PRO will be for locating hidden cameras inside a hotel room, locker room, bathroom, building, personal room, or office etc. Any personal space where there is expected privacy. While performing a scan of an area, it is important to perform a scan across the walls and ceilings of the room horizontally (left-to-right or right-to-left) in a slow, methodical fashion. Scan slowly enough so that you can take time to examine the scene in the eyepiece for a blinking light. Scanning at a rate of approximately 0.3 m/s (1 ft/s) is recommended. However, the scan rate is highly dependent on the operator's skill level and familiarity with the unit. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that slower scan rates be used while becoming familiar with the instrument. If you scan too fast, you may miss detecting a camera. If you are unsure if you have detected a camera, closer physical manual inspection of the suspected area is recommended.

False Positive Reduction:
Some objects potentially being scanned may generate false-positive signals (reflections), mostly caused by items that reflect light from the SpyFinder® PRO unit. Examples: Curved reflective surfaces are the most common false positives (e.g. doorknobs or rounded reflective surfaces) One of the most effective ways to differentiate a false positive signal is to move your vantage point because a camera is detected in the area will not move relative to its surroundings, while a false positive will. For example; consider a wall clock that has a domed plastic cover and pinhole camera concealed under the numeral Five on the clock face. When the SpyFinder® PRO is used to scan the clock, a reflection will be noted where the camera is located beneath the Five. However, a reflection will also be noted from the plastic cover. If the user repositions his or her vantage point, then the apparent position of the false-positive reflection from the cover will move. However, the reflection from the camera will remain underneath the Five on the clock face.

MAINTENANCE: Other than keeping the unit clean, the only maintenance that needs to be performed on the SpyFinder® PRO is changing the battery. The battery provides a total on-time of approximately 90 minutes. IT IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT THAT BATTERIES BE INSTALLED IN THE PROPER ORIENTATION. FAILURE TO INSTALL THE BATTERIES WITH THE PROPER POLARITY WILL DAMAGE THE UNIT AND WILL VOID ANY SELLER WARRANTY.

To change the batteries:
• Open the Battery Compartment Door by using a Phillips head screwdriver to remove the battery compartment door
• Remove the used batteries and discard appropriately
• Install two new, AAA-alkaline batteries making sure to orient the batteries according to the diagram shown on the inside of the unit.
• Replace the battery cover

For technical support, please call us at 800-654-7966.

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