Brickhouse iPhone Spy Stick Manual and FAQ's (186-IPH, Discontinued)

Last Updated: Nov 03, 2017 09:42AM EDT

Please Note: This item is discontinued and will not be receiving any more updates past iOS version.7.0.0

My computer or the software isn’t recognizing that my iPhone is plugged in.
Please make sure you have the most recent version of iTunes and Quick Time installed on the computer that you want to run this on.  If you already have iTunes, and you want to make sure it is the right version, open up your iTunes program and then click on HELP on the top and then CHECK FOR UPDATES.  It will tell you have the current version or if you need to update.  
Also, make sure you are running on a desktop and not a laptop.  A lot of laptops do not provide enough power to the USB ports on the sides and cannot run both the stick and phone at the same time, causing the “Phone not connected” error message.

Will I be able to pull deleted pictures and videos?
This software allows you to retrieve the deleted text information that was on the phone and is still in the temporary memory of the phone.  While you cannot retrieve deleted images you can see some of the images that were viewed on the phone because they are in the cached temporary memory on the phone.

How can I check what iOS version is running on my phone?
On the iPhone go to SETTINGS, GENERAL and then ABOUT.  Scroll down to VERSION and that number is what you are looking to compare to the compatible versions of the software.

Please note, this software has been discontinued and will not be receiving any more updates past iOS 7.0.0.

I didn't get any deleted information. Why was there nothing to recover?
Whenever an iPhone is synced to the user’s Apple account via iTunes or the iCloud server it runs through everything on the phone and cleans out all of the information that was marked for deletion.  It replaces that space with whatever was backed up on the computer.  This process permanently deletes all of the information that was marked for overwriting and clears up any space that is available on the phone.  Try to avoid syncing your phone should help reduce the chances of not getting any information.

If the phone's iOS version was recently updated, that will also clean out the temporary deleted information, in an attempt to make the update faster and smoother.

All I see are current texts on the phone, where are the deleted texts?
There are two parts for SMS in the program.  One says "SMS History" - this is the current information you can see on the phone still.  The deleted SMS show in the section labeled "Recovered", you will then choose from the drop-down list of recovered text data that you are looking for.

Will this recover deleted texts from chat apps or other applications?
No, this will only recover deleted SMS from the SMS server of the phone.  Texts from apps such as Skype, will not be recovered.

Part of my recovered message is missing, or showing funny icons, why?
The way the iPhone saves the deleted information is random.  As it overwrites the previously deleted data with newer deleted data, it will just grab space and fill it.  Sometimes this can be in the form of part of a message or a missing contact number.

Boxes or off icons in the messages can be the result of corrupt or overwritten data, or possibly a picture in the message or an emoticon (like a smiley face).

My phone isn’t compatible can I change what iOS version my phone is running?  
Unfortunately no, you cannot change the iOS on the phone.  Our software is constantly being worked on to keep up to date with Apple's iOS changes.  If your phone is not currently compatible with our software, you can check back on our product page for when it is up to date on your iOS.  You will then be able to update your software on the stick to match. 

Try to avoid updating the phone iOS any further if possible.  This way you will preserve data to be read and the software will continue to work with it.

My iPhone is jailbroken.  Will this work?
Jailbreaking is the process of removing the limitations imposed by Apple on devices running the iOS operating system through the use of hardware and software exploits.  Our software is written to only work with phones that are still running the factory default operating system that is Apple approved and thus will not function correctly or recover information on a jailbroken phone.

Please see below for full instructions in the attached copy of the User's Guide and Manual for this device.
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