Android Spy Stick Software Manual and FAQ's (186-AND, Discontinued)

Last Updated: Nov 03, 2017 09:41AM EDT
How do I know what Android operating system is running on my phone?
You can easily check the operating system by going to SETTINGS and then ABOUT PHONE.  From there you should see the Android version that your phone is currently running.  
**Currently, it is only working on Android versions 2.2 and lower for SMS recovery.

Will this live monitor incoming text, emails, etc?
No, this software will only read data that was on the phone before you ran this software.  It also recovers data that was deleted from the phone and hasn't been overwritten, before you run the software.  What the software is able to retrieve depends on the Android version that is running on the phone.

How can I copy over the data on the phone/ data that was recovered from the phone?
At the bottom of the of the software menu, there is an icon in which you can click to export all the data to an Excel spreadsheet file to your PC.

Will there be any instance or trace of the software on the computer or the phone?
The software will not leave any trace on the computer it will leave a small file on the phone, but it will not indicate that data was extracted from the phone or the kind of software that was used on it.

Is it possible to downgrade my Android OS so I can get it to work with your software?
Unfortunately, no.  The Android OS doesn’t allow an operating system version to be turned backward.  

My phone isn’t being recognized by your software and it is a compatible version.  What do I do?
You need the drivers for your particular phone model installed on the computer so that your computer will see the phone’s internal memory.

To download the correct drivers:

     1. Please make sure the phone is connected to your computer’s USB port.
     2. Open flash drive and double-click on driversync.exe
     3. You’ll see a window with your phone’s manufacturer displayed.  Please choose your phone model.

** If the Driver Sync file is not finding your phone's driver, you may have to go directly to the phone manufacturer's website to get it.  Example: Samsung phones would go directly to the Samsung site and look up the driver for your particular phone model.

I plugged the stick into my computer and it says Android OS cannot be run on a Mac system.  What do I do?

The Android spy stick cannot be run on a Mac system.  Please use a Windows-based operating system running XP, Vista, or 7 only.

Please see below for full instructions in the attached copy of the User's Guide and Manual for this device.

Please note, this product is discontinued and no longer available for sale.
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