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Reolink Go: User's Manual and FAQs

Last Updated: Nov 07, 2019 12:20PM EST
How to set up Reolink Go?
Set Reolink Go up with Reolink App. For details, please refer to this article.

How does Reolink Go connect to the Internet?
Reolink Go uses 4G LTE cellular network. Like our mobile phone, Reolink Go needs a micro SIM card and cellular data plan before using.
Can Reolink Go connect to WiFi and not have to use a SIM card?
Reolink Go only supports 4G/3G cellular network and doesn’t support WiFi connection.

How much data will Reolink Go use?
Data usage of Reolink Go depends on the bitrate you set up. 1 hour of live feed in Clear mode (default bitrate: 1.5Mbps) will use about 1GB of data. And if you use 1GB of data to stream live feed in Fluent mode (default bitrate: 160kbps), you can watch for 10 hours. Based on that, you can estimate the data usage to choose the right data plan for you.
Could Reolink Go share network with other devices?
No. Reolink Go cannot share network with others. Each camera requires a micro SIM card.
How long does the battery last?
Reolink Go comes with the 18650/3.6V/7800mAh rechargeable lithium battery. Normally, the battery lasts for about 2 months in Standby mode. And if you access the camera for live feed, playback and configuration or the camera is activated by motions, the battery will last about 500 minutes. Reolink Go will send you the low-battery notification if the battery level goes down to 10%.
Note: Reolink Go is not compatible with other brands’ battery.

Attached below is the Reolink Go User's Guide.

If you need further assistance, you can call our Technical Support team at 800-654-7966.
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