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JumpStart Solo User's Guide

Last Updated: Aug 27, 2019 12:03PM EDT


Please read this manual carefully before operating the JumpStart Solo.

Press the power button lightly to check the remaining battery capacity.

While the jump starter is being charged, the indicator lights will flash one by one until it reaches maximum charge. All 4 indicator lights will stay on when the jump starter is fully charged.

How to Jump Start a Vehicle Battery

1. Make sure the battery capacity of the jump starter is above 25% (At least one indicator light stays ON).
2. Connect the jump start cable to the proper socket of the jump starter.
3. Connect the jump start cable to the drained battery of the vehicle. Connect red clamp to the positive “+” terminal and black clamp to the negative “-” terminal.
4. Now attempt to crank start the engine. If the engine does not start, wait at
least 10 seconds before attempting to start the engine again.

5. Disconnect the jump starter cable from the jump starter within 10 seconds after the engine has been successfully started.​

Recommended Vehicle Engine Displacements for Jump Starting

1. Insert the plug of the smart clamp completely into the jump starter, and the green light will flash.
2. Correctly clip the red and black clamps to the electrodes of the car battery (Red to positive and black to negative).
3. Start the vehicle.
4. When the vehicle is started, remove the smart clamp from the vehicle battery.

WARNING! Do not touch the red and black clamps together or connect both to the same piece of the metal to prevent physical injury and damage to the vehicle.
Do not use the jump start cable for any other purpose other than jump starting the vehicle.

How to Turn On the LED Light

Press and hold the power button for 3 seconds to turn on the LED light.
Once the LED light is turned on, pressing the power button will cycle
through additional modes.
(Solid light --> Strobe light --> SOS flashing --> OFF)

Charging Mobile Electronic Device

1. The jump starter has one 5V USB output port and make sure the electronic device is 5V powered.
2. Connect the USB cable to the USB output port on the jump starter.
3. Attach the compatible charging adapter plug to the supplied USB cable and plug into the electronic device.

How to Charge the Jump Starter

Use only the supplied AC adapter or the DC adapter to charge the jump starter.

WARNING! Any other chargers may cause possible damage and/or reduce the service life of the jump starter.

Please see an attached PDF copy of the User's Guide below. 

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