Keychain Breathalyzer User's Manual

Last Updated: Apr 05, 2019 02:19PM EDT

Keychain Breathalyzer
The Keychain Breathalyzer is a simple to use breath alcohol tester. Find out precisely what your blood-alcohol content is in just a few seconds. Also includes a built-in timer and LED flashlight.

Getting Started
Insert 2 AAA alkaline batteries in the battery compartment. If the alcohol test or flashlight LEDs become noticeably dim during use, replace the batteries in the device.

Set the time on the LCD display by pressing the HR button to adjust the hour and the MIN button to adjust the minute. Hold down the START/STOP button to confirm and enter the time.

Use the switch on the side of the device to turn the flashlight LED on or off.

Testing for Alcohol
To test for the presence and concentration of alcohol in the bloodstream, hold down the POWER button for 3-10 seconds when the green READY light glows steadily. Continue to press the POWER button and hold the device about one inch from the subject's mouth and have them inhale deeply and exhale as normal.

The LEDs on the front will glow, letting you know the user’s BAC (blood alcohol content)

Green- - Less than .02% BAC
Yellow-- .02-.49% BAC
Red-- Higher than .05% BAC

Note: Wait at least 20 minutes after eating, drinking, or smoking to administer an alcohol test to avoid false positives. Wait at least 3 minutes between tests. 

In clock mode, hold down the START/STOP button until the LCD screen shows all flashing 0s, and use the HR and MIN buttons to adjust the time. Press the HR and MIN buttons at the same time to enter timer mode.

To count up, press the START/STOP button while the LCD screen displays all 0s. To stop the counter, press the START/STOP button again. To clear the screen, press the HR and MIN buttons at the same time.

To set a countdown press the HR and MIN buttons to set the timer while the screen displays all 0s. Press the START/STOP button to begin the countdown. The device will emit a 2-second alarm when the timer reaches 5 and 10 minutes. It will emit a 60-second alarm when it reaches 0:00. To stop the timer or countdown, press the HR, MIN, or START/STOP button.

To return to clock mode, press the HR, MIN, and START/STOP buttons at the same time.

The red and yellow LEDs don’t shut off to indicate the device is ready when I hold down the POWER button. This can happen for one of two reasons. The first is that the device just needs to warm up if it has not been used for a long period. Press and release the POWER button a few times. If that does not fix the issue, the problem is most likely a battery issue. Try replacing the batteries.

This tester indicates BAC for reference only.

Attached below is a downloadable copy of the user's guide.
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