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BrickHouse Lone Worker Quick Start Guide

Last Updated: Nov 12, 2018 02:00PM EST
1. Getting Started: BrickHouse Lone Worker

1. Charging your new BrickHouse Lone Worker: You will need to charge the device for 5 hours before its first use. Connect the charging cradle to an electric outlet and place the BrickHouse Lone Worker device into the cradle.

2. Placement: With the included lanyard you can wear your BrickHouse Lone Worker around your neck or simply slip it into your pocket.

3. When the BrickHouse Lone Worker device has completed charging for the first time, gently press the SOS button for 2 seconds to test and familiarize yourself with how the 2-way communication works.

4. Your BrickHouse Lone Worker will dial out to a Dedicated number or our monitoring center. Let the contact or specialist know you are setting up and testing your device.

2. Getting to Know Your BrickHouse Lone Worker


1. Two-Way Voice Mic/Speaker
2. SOS Button
3. Power Indicator LED

4. 3G Cellular Indicator LED
5. WiFi Indicator (inactive)
6. GPS Indicator LED
7. Power Button

3. BrickHouse Lone Worker Indicator LED


4. Accessing BrickHouse Lone Worker
Please refer to the email sent from BrickHouse Security which contains your username and password to login at

5. Navigating the Platform
Once you login you will see a pin on the map indicating where the BrickHouse Lone Worker device was last located. Below you will see a dashboard. From here you can locate the person wearing the BrickHouse Lone Worker, create a geofence perimeter, enter your information for perimeter alerts, and view movement history.

1. Your assigned devices. When this box is checked, the device will appear on the MAP.

2. Locate on demand.

3. The eye icon displays visible layers on the platform. This means features and functions that are enabled or disabled will be visible on the MAP and above tabs.

4. Change MAP view - you can see the map in a street view, satellite, physical or hybrid modes. Physical is a human-readable physical address view, the hybrid will show all views together.

5. Zoom bar.

6. Navigating the Platform (Continued)

7. Create New Geofence Tab
You can create geofences around any area in different shapes. Select the “geofences” tab in the navigation, and move to the area on the map where you would like to create a geofence. Click on “New” in the menu and name your new geofence. You can select the polygon, circle, or line type geofence for drawing. It’s suggested that all geofences be in at least 1 city block around an area.

To create a circular geofence around an area, click on the circle option and then click on the spot on the map that you want your geofence to be positioned around. Under radius, you may choose distance in feet, and by using the zoom bar, you can expand the area covered.

You can also search an address via the search tool. The address selected will appear in the description bar. Choose the maximum area around the address allowed before an alert is sent. Don’t forget to save your new perimeter settings!

If you have any questions regarding your BrickHouse Lone Worker device or platform, please call our customer service specialists at (800) 654-7966 or send an email to

Attached below is a downloaded version of the Quick Start Guide.
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