B-Link Secure Cellular Outdoor Camera Troubleshooting Guide

Last Updated: Jul 26, 2018 11:47AM EDT

Images are not being received.

Step 1 - Please check if the antenna is installed on the device.

Step 2 - Power on the device and it will begin to search for a signal. Once it has established a connection, you should see 4 to 5 bars on the LCD screen.

Step 3 - Trail Cam Mobile App - Please name the camera and enter the SIM cards Phone number to the “
trailcam” application.

  • Make sure the SIM Phone number matches the number in Settings.​
  • You will need to enable the Camera Switch in general settings for the camera to actually capture images.​

In settings, you will need to enable and add your email address under SMTP.

example: jane@gmail.com

Step 4 - Go to the General Settings - please refer to the manual to view settings.

Step 5 - Make sure to click “Send” to save settings.


Configuring the settings from the Device.



Step 1 - Switch the Power to an On position and press the OK button. This will bring you into Test Mode.



Step 2 - In Test Mode, please press the M button which is Menu. The navigation key to access menu functions are the arrows Left, Right, Up and Down.


Not receiving any Images to assigned Emails.

Check the APN settings.

  • In the Menu Screen using the arrows, go to 3G press OK.​​
  • Select Manual Setup and press OK.​
  • MMS and 3G will appear, select 3G.​
  • Select APN and press OK.​
  • In the APN field, the APN should be listed as (10569.mcs​) ​
​​Note: If this APN is not in this field, the camera will not send out any images.
  • After inputting this information exit setting by selecting Up Arrow and OK.​​​

Entering Email Address to receive Images

  • In the Menu Screen using the arrows, go to 3G press OK.​
  • Using Arrows select SMTP and press OK.
  • Select Default and press OK.
  • Click the “M” button to go menu.​
  • Using arrow keep scrolling down to “SendTo”.​
  • In this Field select Email - You can add up to two Email addresses.​
  • After entering the information, select the Up arrow key in the menu to exit setting.


Please make sure that the following on settings are enabled:

Cam Settings field

Cam ID - should be On

Cam Mode - Pic + Video should be on - Video records to SD card Images are sent to email address entered

Night Mode - Recommend Balanced - For a longer range of Night Vision, please select Max. Range

Multi-Shot - You can select from 1 to 5 images being captured when motion is detected

Video Size - HD


PIR Settings field

Sensitivity - Recommend to set to Medium if on a High Traffic area

Delay - should be Off

Time Lapse - enable On

Timer - Recommend Off


Other Settings field

Language - defaulted to English

Date/Time - Will register with Network

Stamp - Recommend On

SD Cycle - Overwrite feature On or Off


Password - If enabled this will automatically be prompted when trying to access the camera.




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