Xtreme Life Wi-Fi Camera Line: Manual and Software

Last Updated: Nov 03, 2017 10:14AM EDT


Note about Battery life: when using the PIR motion setting your battery will last up to 90 days in standby. You may not live view unless the PIR is triggered. Then you can view up to 10 min post-event.

You can use this item in continuous mode and the battery will last up to 8 hours. You can then live view at any time, no event has to take place. Please note that viewing uses up battery life.

Please see below for full instructions in the attached copy of the Manual for this device and a link to download the EZ See PC software.

This manual applies to the following products:
Air Freshener Hidden Camera by Xtreme Life (SC7008WF)
Air Purifier Hidden Camera by Zone Shield (C1560WF)
Xtreme Life WiFi Bird Feeder Night Vision Hidden Camera (SC7050WF)
Xtreme Life WiFi Landscape Stone Hidden Camera (SC7000WF)
Xtreme Life Outdoor WiFi Electrical Box Hidden Cam (SC7001WF)
Xtreme Life WiFi Plant Hidden Camera (SC7040WF)
Xtreme Life WiFi Side View Smoke Detector NV Hidden Camera (SC7100WF, SC7200WF)
Xtreme Life WiFi Teddy Bear Hidden Camera (SC7002WF)
Xtreme Life WiFi Wall Clock Hidden Camera (SC7007WF)

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