HD Water Resistant NV Hidden Camera Watch Manual and FAQ's (MDC)

Last Updated: May 01, 2018 03:48PM EDT

My device seems to have frozen and isn’t reacting when any buttons are pressed. What do I do?
Your device is on low battery; charge it with the included cable.

When playing back my video, I can hear audio but have no video.
This most often occurs if your computer’s media player is having trouble with your files. Try using the VLC player, which can be downloaded for free at http://www.videolan.org.

Here are links to video tutorials showing how to install VLC Media Player for Windows and Mac:

 - http://help.brickhousesecurity.com/customer/portal/articles/694436-tutorial-video-installing-vlc-media-player-windows
Mac - http://help.brickhousesecurity.com/customer/portal/articles/694434-tutorial-video-installing-vlc-media-player-mac

Why is my video playback “choppy” or “stuttering?”
If this is occurring, try copying the video files to your PC. This problem usually happens when the file is too large to be played back using your USB connection.

The video is upside down. How do I correct this?
The camera is designed assuming that video is being recording while wearing this watch on your wrist aimed away from your body. If you aren’t recording that way then flip the watch over. You can also flip the video over afterward using VLC Media Player. In VLC Player, go to Tools, then Effects and Filters, then Video Effects, then Geometry and click on the rotate button and use the dial to flip the video to where you want it.

Please see below for full instructions in the attached copy of the Manual for this device.

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