Camscura Wifi - Frequently Asked Questions

Last Updated: May 02, 2019 11:48AM EDT

Camscura WiFi FAQ






Q. I can't reset the camera. The camera isn't taking the default password.

Delete the camera from the application if it has been added. Make sure that you have exited/closed the application and use the reset button on the back of the camera. 


Q. I can’t find the camera on my phone’s wifi settings?

  1. If the camera is plugged in, unplug it after it has been fully charged.  Then hold down the power button until you see a light reaction. After a couple of minutes try to find the camera’s wifi signal again.

Note: If Indicator light by the power button is green, using a Pin on the back of the device press down on to the Mode button. The indicator light will turn Orange you are now in AP Mode (Direct WiFi) WiFiCamxxxx will now appear in your WiFi Menu.



Q. I’m trying to connect the camera to my wifi and entering the right password but it keeps saying invalid.

  1. Make sure you have typed the right password out with the right capitalization and make sure the camera has been named.

Note: WiFi Password will not take if there are Characters example: !*%



Q.How do I use Live View on the camera?

  1. Click on the camera’s name.  To go back to the settings double tap the screen


Q. How do I download all my files at once?  

  1. The files must be downloaded one at a time so that the app can convert the videos correctly.



Q. Why does my video have no sound? I saw the microphone on the diagram.

  1. The microphone is for audio activated recording. Due to legal concerns, no covert cameras are allowed to have audio recording active in the US.


Q. I have videos saved and downloaded the app but nothing is showing on the sd card.

  1. There is most likely a problem with the sd card. Please format the card and try to record again.​

Note: 64GB SD Card cannot be formatted directly from the Camscura WiFi Device, you will need to format using a separate card reader before inserting into the device.



Q. I cannot connect to my local wifi network. It's not taking my password.

  A. Please double check your password. Many times the customer thinks they are entering the correct password and they have entered a typo and we have no way of checking this.  You can try typing your password in a notepad app and copy pasting.

Also please check to make sure that your network password has no symbols. The system can only take numbers and letters. You will need to change your wifi password for this to work.

Q. I'm having problems getting multiple cameras to stay connected at the same time.


A. Having multiple cameras can cause strain on some wifi connections. We recommend 3 at most at the same time even though the system can technically handle 4 but depending on your particular's network's strength you may have problems using more than 1.  You would need to check with your carrier about your signal strength's capabilities. 

Q. I can’t access my camera through the app even though it was set up and working fine. I’m also getting the "connected or device not online, please try again with the camera on and connected to the network."

  1. If after restarting the app and restarting the camera you are still unable to make a connection then delete the camera and re-add the camera and re-setup the network connection.

Note: This will occur if the battery is depleted.

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