ReelTime Hidden Cam Alarm Clock Wifi Connection Troubleshooting

Last Updated: Nov 02, 2017 03:43PM EDT
If you are having problems connecting your ReelTime camera to your wifi signal after successfully connecting it to your router directly with an ethernet cable please try these steps.

1) Make sure the camera is within range of the wifi router. For the purpose of initially setting it up, we recommend that you set it up within 2-3 feet of the router with no walls or anything in the way to block signal strength.

2) Double check that the wifi encryption password you are using is correct.

3) Make sure you connect the camera DIRECTLY to your wifi router.  It will not work with any switches or extensions between the camera and the router.

4) Try a different router port.  One might have connection difficulties or a damaged port.

5) When attempting to find your IP address during desktop setup if you receive the following error message "subnet doesn't match...  " this means that you cannot have the same IP address for two different devices on the same network and you currently do.  If you have changed the Subnet for another device or have port forwarding active you will need to default your settings to set up the camera onto your network.

PC: You can find out your network’s information by logging into your router or going to the Windows command prompt as seen below.

Click Start > type CMD in the search field > push “Enter” > Then type “ipconfig” in the command prompt and push “Enter.”

Subnet Mask: The default subnet mask of the LAN in this example is You can find your subnet mask within your router or using the command prompt method seen on the previous page. Make sure you enter this information exactly as it is into the Network Configuration window.

6) If you find that your router's settings are different than what is displayed in the manual then there is a good chance that your settings are not set to the default which will make your set up different than what our instructions display. In this situation, we highly recommend having your network admin assist you with getting your settings back to default so that you can use the included instructions for ease of set up.

Check the attachment below for further steps with screenshots for setting up on mobile with wifi.
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