Eye Trax Cameras: User's Guide, FAQ's and Support Contact

Last Updated: Nov 03, 2017 10:19AM EDT
Do I need to supply a SIM card from a cellular provider?
Each camera is configured at our facility with a SIM card that will function in your area. The camera arrives at your location in an operation ready condition.

Will the camera take a live picture?
The User Interface has an “Instant Picture” button that will retrieve a live picture from your remote area surveillance camera.

Can pictures be sent to a cellular phone?
Any cellular phone that can receive text messages can be added to the User Interface to receive pictures.

Can the camera be controlled from a cellular phone or tablet?
The Eye Trax web-based User Interface will auto format to be viewed and controlled by any smartphone or tablet.

Does the camera take pictures at night?
The camera is designed with two lenses: one for optimized daytime color pictures and the other for optimized black and white nighttime pictures. The camera lenses are surrounded by 55 infrared lamps that will illuminate an area up to 75’ away from the camera face.

Will leaves blowing on a tree cause the motion sensor to trigger?
The motion sensor is only triggered by warm body objects that cross in front of the camera.

How long does it take to receive a picture once the camera acquires it?
Within 30 seconds, the pictures will arrive in your User Interface, cellular phone, and/or email.

How long are the pictures stored on the server?
As long as you remain a customer of Eye Trax, the pictures will be stored for viewing purposes. Once service is terminated or suspended, the pictures will be stored for an additional 30 days.

Is the transmission of pictures over cellular network secure?
The transmission of the pictures and storage of the pictures on the Eye Trax servers are secured with encryption similar to credit card transactions and bank account logins

Will the solar panel work in a cloudy area?
Even on a cloudy day, UV light is still penetrating through the clouds and charging the solar panel. The internal batteries are designed to operate for 5 consecutive days without requiring a charge from the solar panel.

Does the solar panel camera require a separate battery?
The camera is designed with an integrated internal battery that is located within the camera’s housing. It is designed to operate for 5 consecutive days if the sun is blocked.

For technical support on Eye Trax products please contact Eye Trax directly at (800) 594-4157.

Please see below for the attached User's Guide for Eye Trax Cameras.
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