SVAT Set-Up Guides

Last Updated: Nov 02, 2017 03:12PM EDT

To View Online Using External IP Address
  1. From your computer at the DVR's location, open Internet Explorer and type in and press ENTER. This will direct you to a website that lists your external IP address on the top of the page. Write down your external IP address. 

  1. From a computer outside of your DVR's network, open Internet Explorer and type in your external IP address, followed by the port you forwarded for your DVR in the following format:
  1. Follow the login screen for your DVR. The default username is admin and the password is 123456.
  2. Install any ActiveX controls or software settings that may appear. 
  3. Once everything is properly installed, you will be viewing the online software. Please refer to ONLINE SOFTWARE in this manual.
Instead of having to type in the IP address to access the DVR online, you can use DDNS to create an easy-to-remember website name. The DVR has a DDNS provider web address built into it. 
To Configure the DVR to work with DDNS:
  1. Access the MAIN MENU and select NETWORK.
  2. Click on the DDNS tab.
  3. For complete instructions on setting up DDNS, please see DDNS TAB in your manual.
Port Forwarding is no longer working
If you were able to view your DVR from an outside network previously but you can no longer view your DVR now, we ask that you please consider the following:
  1. Has anyone in the household reset the router that the DVR is connected to? This may eliminate your port forwarding rules in the router and port forwarding would need to be set up again.
  2. Has your external IP address changed? Please check for your current IP and check port 80 while you are there to see if it is opened.
  3. Has your DVR's IP changed? Please check your network menu on the DVR, is the IP different than it was when you first set up Port Forwarding? If so, we would then recommend that you access your router and adjust your port forwarding rules to the new IP of your DVR.
Setting Up Internet Explorer Active X Controls
To change your Active X control settings to allow your browser to log into the DVR, please follow these steps:
  1. Go to your Internet Explorer TOOLS, then INTERNET OPTIONS, then click on the SECURITY tab, then click the CUSTOM LEVEL button and change these 2 active x control options.
  2. Download unsigned active-x controls ---> Prompt.
  3. Initialize and script active-x controls not marked as safe ---> Prompt.
  4. Apply your changes and press OK and reload your browser page. You should be able to log in. If you still have trouble seeing the login screen, please put your browser into compatibility view by clicking on the icon next to your address bar that looks like a page with a rip through the middle.
Note: If you are using IE version 10+ you may have some difficulty in the initial setup of DVR access. If you are seeing a blue screen with no option to install Active X. Please check the address bar for the icon shown. Once clicked it will give the option to disable Active X filtering.

IE 11- Access your tools section on IE and add the DVR’s IP address to the compatibility view section. Once this has been completed please try to connect to the DVR’s external IP address again.

  1. Power off the DVR by removing the power cable from the back of the DVR.
  2. Connect the included network cable to the back of the DVR in the Ethernet port (LAN). 
  3. Connect the other end of the network cable to an available port on the router. 
  4. Power on the DVR by reconnecting the power cable to the back of the DVR.

By default, the DVR IP mode is set to DHCP. This means the DVR will automatically retrieve an IP address from the router that it is connected to. Unless your network requires a static IP address leave the DVR IP mode set as DHCP.
  1. From the MAIN MENU, select NETWORK.
  2. Confirm that the IP MODE is set to DHCP. This setting is acceptable for most users. If the IP mode is not set to DHCP, use the dropdown list next to TYPE and change the type so that it is set to DHCP. Click APPLY and EXIT to restart the DVR and retrieve an IP address.
  3. Write down your IP address, CLIENT PORT, HTTP PORT, and GATEWAY. This information will be used in the next few steps to view the DVR on your computer as well as for viewing the DVR over the Internet
Every computer that is accessing the DVR will need to be configured to download and run ActiveX controls. This change only needs to be made one time on the computer that is accessing the DVR. This can be done by performing one of the two following methods. 

Method 1: 
1. Open up Internet Explorer.
2. Click on TOOLS.
4. Click on the SECURITY tab, then the CUSTOM LEVEL button.
5. Change the ActiveX settings listed below:
Download signed ActiveX controls: PROMPT or ENABLED
Download unsigned ActiveX controls: PROMPT
Initialize and script ActiveX controls not marked as safe: PROMPT
Run ActiveX controls and plug-ins: ENABLE
Script ActiveX controls marked as safe for scripting: ENABLE
If this is an option:
Allow automatic prompting for file and code downloads: ENABLE
6.  Click OK.
7.  Click APPLY.
8.  Close the options window
Add the DVR’s IP address to the Trusted Sites in Internet Explorer. 
  1. Open up Internet Explorer.
  2. Click on TOOLS.
  4. Click on the SECURITY Tab.
  5. Click on TRUSTED SITES.
  6. Click on the SITES button. 
  7. Type in the IP address of the DVR in the following format: and click ADD.
  8. If "Require server verification (https:) for all sites ..." is selected you will need to uncheck the selection box.
  9. Change the default settings for the TRUSTED SITES zone to low. Click on DEFAULT LEVEL and change the security level of the zone to LOW. This can be done by running the slider to the bottom. This will allow ActiveX controls from the DVR to be downloaded and the DVR to be viewed on the computer. 
  10. Click APPLY.
  11. Click OK.
Motion Set up on 11000 Series DVR
Below are the steps to get your DVR up and running on a schedule to only record based on motion. We would first recommend setting the factory defaults before setting this up. This would be under the "Advanced" menu on the "Maintain" tab.
  1. Click on the Home Button and go to the Record Button
  2. Click on the Schedule Tab. From here, you will be setting up Channel 1 by default. The upper portion by default will be all green. Remove the green boxes from the upper portion so the boxes are now all blank.
  3. Change all the lower boxes (which are clear by default) to yellow. Hit "APPLY"
  4. Copy Sunday to All (all days of the week). Hit "APPLY".
  5. Copy CH1 to All (all channels). Hit "APPLY".
  6. Exit this screen, exit the record screen and go to the Alarm menu. From here, you will be setting up Channel 1 by default. Motion by default is set to disable - using the drop-down menu, enable motion. Copy CH1 to All. Hit "APPLY".
  7. Exit this screen and go to "Advanced" and hit reboot. The DVR will reboot and the DVR will then be set up in motion.

If you need more assistance please contact SVAT technical support through their Live Chat at
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