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Last Updated: Nov 07, 2019 11:58AM EST
I don't have a WPS Button on my router, what do I do now?
If your router doesn't have the WPS button as pictured in the steps, you will need an Ethernet cable (not included) to plug it into your router during set up.  Once it is set and live, you will be instructed to unplug the Ethernet cable.  The camera does not come with an Ethernet cable, so you may need to purchase one locally if you don't have an extra. 

The camera won't initialize after plugging it into the router, it sat for a few minutes?
You will want to unplug the Ethernet cable and try another port on the router.  You may also want to try pressing the reset button on the camera itself.

I was trying to set up the camera, but it said to try again?
You will want to go to settings and then delete the camera and try again.  If you are still encountering issues, try deleting and resyncing again.  Sometimes if your internet connection wavers in and out during set up, it can cause errors and may require restarting a few times.
You will also want to hit the reset button on the back of the camera and then unplug and replug the camera each time.  Remember to wait up to a minute for the camera to finish initiating before trying the steps.

How long does the camera hold settings when removed from power?
The camera will hold the settings for about 24 hours after being unplugged or if it is reset while plugged in.  This way you can set it up, unplug it, and move it to the spot it should be in.

How delete a camera and try again?
The camera can be deleted if the process was interrupted during set up so that you can try again.  Go to the VIDEO tab and then the CAMERA SETTINGS link.  You will then click on the CAMERA INFO option.  It will bring you to a page with your camera info.  Choose the camera from the drop-down list on the left (if you have more than one), and the scroll to the bottom and click on "Delete this camera".  You can then try to set the camera up again as if it were new.

Can I use the app to set up the camera and account options?
No, you will need to use a laptop or a desktop (no tablets) to set up the motion detection options or any other settings on the account.  You can use a Mac or a PC to do this.

How do I create additional users for the camera?
You can do that by going to "Profile" and then "Manage Logins" and then "Add a Login".  Create a Login Name for the new user and enter their email address and choose the language preference for that user, click submit.  They will be emailed information shortly after.  You can create as many users as you like, but there can only be 10 logged in at any one time.

Why does the video look jittery and not smooth?
To make saving the files easier and faster, and to allow the streaming as real-time as possible, the FPS (Frames per Second) are a maximum of 5.  The maximum clip length is 40 seconds that can be recorded at any one time with a 15-second gap between recordings.

How can I tell if my camera's signal is strong enough in its location?
If you log into your account and click on the video tab, then click on CAMERA SETTINGS --> CAMERA INFO after making sure that you selected the camera from the drop-down list on the left (if you have more than one cam). You can then see the Wireless Signal Strength listed below with a refresh button.  If the signal is less than 50%, you might want to consider moving the camera to a different location for better usage.  You can then click on that little refresh button by the Wireless Signal Strength to see what the new signal is.

Why is my green light blinking?
That means the camera is not detecting WiFi.  Check your internet connection and router to make sure it is still active.  Make sure your cameras are close enough to the router to get a signal.  If they are active and close enough to your router, you may need to reset the camera and reconfigure.

How can I maintain my storage?
You can delete clips that you no longer need to make room for more storage.  This will not give you more upload allotment though, only storage space.

Is there is a difference between the upload limit and the storage limit?
Yes.  You have limited space (depending on account choice) and can create more space by deleting old files you no longer need.  Once you have an important video that you need to save, it is suggested that you download it to your computer as a backup.  When you reach your upload limit, your account will pause uploads until the next billing cycle. 

Why did my camera record several clips in a row and it looks like nothing happened?
To reduce false video clips, you will want to adjust your motion detection settings.  The higher your sensitivity settings and the smaller the target size, the greater chance of a false clip you get.  If you have windows in the room, the sun going behind a cloud on a bright day can cause the camera to sense it as a change and start to record.  Also be sure to draw your boxes higher up in frame if there is a pet in the room that may walk around and set it off.

Why did my feed stop or is stuck in one frame?
Click the refresh arrow on the video or refresh your browser and log back in.  The stream is only active for a few minutes before timing out.

Why am I unable to view my videos and the light on my camera is a solid blue?

Your camera is on privacy mode.  This is a feature that allows you to quickly stop recording for whatever reason you need.  To turn it off simply press the WPS button on your camera once. The light on your camera will turn to solid green and you will be able to see video feed again.
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