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Last Updated: Nov 07, 2019 11:58AM EST
How far away should my cameras be from my wifi router?
While the cameras technically can be 35 feet away from the router with no problems. This would be a line of site with absolutely nothing in between the camera and the router.  If there is large furniture, walls, metal structures, or any type of device that uses wireless frequencies in between the camera and the router this can diminish the signal by as much as 50%.  To be on the safe side try to have the camera as close as possible and play around with different locations to see which provides a better signal.  You can check your signal strength on the portal in the camera settings section.

Which web browsers can be used to see the video?
All video features are available on Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari on Windows and Macs. A Windows PC must be used to add a camera to an account and during initial set up.  You will need to make sure you are running the most recent version of Java to play videos back.  Click here to see what version of Java you have installed: Java Verification

What kinds of cell phones support live video?  
iPhones and BlackBerrys (those compatible with the BlackBerry Application) support live video. Any web-enabled cell phone with an HTML browser can view real-time live images on the PDA site. Streaming video is also available on some phones with full HTML browsers.
Note: Data charges by the cellular carrier can be significant for using streaming video features on cell phones.

What kinds of cell phones support video-clip attachments to emails/text messages?  
Video-enabled cell phones can also view recorded clips and receive video-clip email attachments of new video events.

Do I need to install any software on my PC to see the video?
An ActiveX control is required on Internet Explorer and a Java Applet is required on Firefox and Safari to view live video and manage cameras. (Users are automatically prompted to accept the necessary downloads.) A Flash plug-in is required on all browsers to view recorded video clips. No plug-ins or applications are needed for the PDA site.

How much video can I record?
A standard account provides 50MB of online storage, which is enough for up to 90 minutes of recording depending on the recording resolution and quality settings of each camera. Extra video storage is available in 250MB blocks up to 1GB of total storage.

How long is each recording?
Camera-triggered recordings can be configured from 15 seconds to 40 seconds in 5-second increments with an optional ~5 seconds of pre-trigger recording. Every security system-triggered recording is 35 to 45 seconds long depending on record quality settings.

What happens when my video storage is full?
After the storage is full, the system will pause itself, You will have the option to Delete or video will overwrite the oldest recordings as required to make room for the newest recordings.

What if I want to save a recorded clip?
A user can save any particular clip by downloading it to their PC and/or marking it “Protected” on their account to prevent it from being automatically overwritten when the storage limit is met.

How many days will my recorded clips last before they are overwritten?
This depends on the recording frequency and video quality settings and can range from a few hours to a few weeks. Careful camera placement and Video Motion Detection configuration will reduce unwanted recordings and optimize the use of online storage capacity.

How many users can look at the Live video stream simultaneously?
Each camera supports up to 10 simultaneous viewers.

Can Video Motion Detection ignore parts of the scene?
Yes. The cameras allow you to define up to three separate “windows” to monitor for motion. Motion outside of these windows is ignored, so false recordings are minimized.

Does the video feature work on Macintosh computers?
Macintosh users have full access to the video features once the camera is installed, but a Microsoft Windows PC is required initially to add cameras to an account.

How well can the cameras see in the dark?
Selected cameras have integrated IR illuminators that let you see 30 feet from the camera in complete darkness.

Can I turn off the LED or the IR's?
You can turn off the LED or IR's (or both) by clicking on "Settings" and then "Camera Settings" and then "Camera Info".  Be sure to click "Save" when you are done making changes.

I want to hide my IR camera, is that possible? (Not including Observa)
The MORzA cameras were not made to be covert cameras, and the IR version is not suggested to be hidden.  When trying to hide the IR version of the camera, all of the IR LED's must be visible or they will not let your camera see in the dark and you will not get the full benefit of this camera.

What kind of wireless security is available on these cameras?
The cameras support WEP wireless encryption and the newer WPA Personal and WPA2 Personal encryption.

How many cameras are supported?
Only 8 cameras are supported at one time.
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